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*From Huffington Post Canada FIRST TRIMESTER: "I am going to let myself go!"--for those nine months. SECOND TRIMESTER: A slit here and a plunging neckline there guided the eye away from the grim-reaper veins on...

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Barbie Expo Montreal: The Only Review You Need to Read

*This article was first published on fab feminist site Bust.com. I loved Barbies as a kid. Then as an adult, I learned that the dolls were an embarrassment to humanity. Now, I’m back: I heart Barbie. My change of opinion happened after visiting the new BARBIE EXPO that opened mid-February in downtown Montreal. The must-see exhibit claims to boast the largest permanent collection of Barbie dolls in the world, from JLo and Duchess Kate Barbies, to Chanel and Vera Wang Barbies, to Steampunk Barbie with green hair and a long frightening coiled neck. After perusing the expo’s mind-boggling array of 1000+ high-fashion Barbie dolls, I was reminded that Barbie is just a fun dress-up toy to inspire the imagination—and is probably not a symbol of all that is evil in this world.

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Do you BELIEVE in Green Drinks?


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The Rise of the Bouffant

Hair trends: The Rise of the Bouffant, Side-Swipes, and New Men’s Line Mensdept. *Article originally published in the Montreal Gazette.

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There’s Something About Seniors

These days, women 70 and older are expanding our gaze to appreciate one of the most often forgotten forms of physical beauty: old age.That’s right: Our obsession with youth and smooth skin has just been given a wrinkle that may never be Botoxed.
*This article was on the most-emailed list of the Montreal Gazette.

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More Features

Canadiana Craze

Canadiana is becoming a global craze even though much of it is made overseas. *This article was published, in full or in part, in the Montreal Gazette, the Vancouver Sun, the Ottawa Citizen, the Calgary Herald, the Edmonton Journal, among others.

See-Thru and Sheer, Yet Still Very Proper

A fashion and culture story about how sexy young things are revealing/concealing themselves this summer. *This story appeared in the Montreal Gazette and the Calgary Herald.

Yoga Pants for all occasions? Some say bring it on, many left horrified

A piece about yoga pants, which includes a fun-loving Lululemon loyalist, along with an equally fun-loving yoga pant hater. *This article appeared in full or in part in the Montreal Gazette, the Vancouver Sun, the Ottawa Citizen, and the Windsor Star.

Fascinators gaining popularity

An article about the increased popularity of hats, with a nod out to Kate Middleton and Johnny Depp (yep, I just put them in the same sentence!), plus an explanation as to why hats went out of style around the ’60s. *This article appeared in the Montreal Gazette and online at the Telegraph Journal Canada East.

Winter Skin

Experts weigh-in on how to keep your skin fresh in the freezing cold. Hot baths deemed ok, while microdermabrasion gets placed on worst-idea-ever list. *This article originally appeared in the Montreal Gazette.

Bodysuits Are Back!

“Oh jeez, please no!” is likely what most women think when hearing the word “bodysuit.” But it’s time to, er, suck it up.

Electro-fabulous Snowglobes

An outdoor light installation featuring 25 giant glowing bubbles is set up in Montreal’s Place des Spectacles and the adjoining Place des Arts area, inspiring hordes of photo-happy tourists and passersby to interact with the urban landscape this season.

The Art of the Window Display

Take the imagination of Dali and swirl it into the colour sensibility of Klimt. Then pour the mixture into a curvy mould clad in lingerie, and pop on 24 heads. Only then will you be halfway able to grasp the macabre and magnificence required to dress the windows at Bergdorf Goodman on Fifth Ave. in New York.

A men’s fashion trilogy, new Americana

A slightly dishevelled dapper look is all the rage these days in menswear.

Social Photography 101 and the SELFIE; Becoming Master of your iPhoto Domain is all about Planned Casualness

The rise of the Selfie and Social Photography in general is all about planned causalness. *The article below appeared, in full or in part, in The Montreal Gazette, The Vancouver Sun, Edmonton Journal, and The Province.

Flash sales blow up

Thanks to a tip from a friend, the outnet.com is one of my favorite new flash sale websites. Labels are exclusive, trendy and awesome! The above patterned dresses by Pucci, Matthew Williamson, and Erdem (respectively), were all available for a very limited time on the website at over 60% to 70% off.

Your mind on brain games

“Bird Safari: Featured in the visual-training program InSight, this game asks players to recall a specific bird — flashed on the screen for only an instant – out of a flock. InSight costs $395 U.S. online through Posit Science.” *This article appeared, in full or in part, in the Montreal Gazette, the Vancouver Sun, the […]

Dress Like an Olympian

And she wins the silver! Here the amazing Jennifer Heil is wearing her pre-Olympics Columbia Sportswear attire.
Athletic wear is not exactly considered high-style. That being said, as you swish down the hill under the chairlift looking as cute as possible may have an uncanny effect on your sporting skills…*This article appeared, in full or in part, in The Vancouver Sun, The Montreal Gazette, The Ottawa Citizen, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, The Province, Times Colonist, the Leader Post.

It’s a Hi/Lo Holiday

Basic Balenciaga Arena City purse from Holt Renfrew, over $1500 ( *This article was featured in The Montreal Gazette.)  Some shoppers prefer to buy generic. They’ll take discount clothing and no-name groceries over fancy logos on cars, bikes, furniture, and even ibuprofen (a.k.a. Advil): To them, brand names mean nothing. Equally devout are those who’ve […]

Looking Good in Green

Weekend Life cover, Montreal Gazette. *This article also appeared, in full or in part, in The National Post, The Ottawa Citizen, The Calgary Herald, The Windsor Star, The Leader Post, The Star Phoenix and in industry blogs like ecofashionworld.com and payitforward.org. It’s vegan, eco-friendly, fair-trade, made locally – and proceeds help impoverished children! The latest do-gooder […]

The curious rise of mega-heels

Fendi peep-toes, $795, about six inches. Photograph by: Marie-France Coallier.*This article was on Most Read list of The National Post. ‘Last month, my boyfriend and I were strolling on New York’s Upper East Side when a thwack of thunder sent us running for shelter at Orsay, a posh bistro. Cocktails! As our drinks made their way across the floor, so did a pair of six-inch black stiletto pumps — jaw-dropping in their height — followed closely by a tiny pair of patent Mary Janes.’
It also appeared in The Vancouver Sun, The Montreal Gazette, The Ottawa Citizen, Global TV Edmonton, Windsor Star, dose.ca, and more.

Refashion beloved pieces so they look like this season’s must-haves

Hossein Padar turned a vintage Missoni Size 10 blazer into a Size 4. Photograph by: JOHN KENNEY, MONTREAL GAZETTE. *This article appeared, in full or in part, in The Montreal Gazette, The National Post, The Financial Post, The Ottawa Citizen, The Times Colonist, The Edmonton Journal, Global TV Regina, and more. I have a leather jacket […]

Part I, Sultry and Sleeveless; click for part II, History of Asymmetrical

One-Shouldered Dress on BCBG Runway. *This article appeared, in full or in part, in the Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, National Post, The Edmonton Journal, Global TV, and more. With special thanks to shrimptoncouture.com!
‘The one-armed Jane — Tarzan’s gal pal — is coming on strong this summer on the runways, red carpets and Winners outlets near you. Asymmetrical tops pull the eye in all sorts of directions, from the arm to the neck and up to the face, so all that extra effort had better point our gaze somewhere worthwhile.’

Graffiti Avant-Garde Art

SKAM painting Louis Vuitton store (*This article appeared, in full or in part, in The Vancouver Sun, The Montreal Gazette, The Edmonton Journal, The Calgary Herald, and more.)   It’s been sprayed on trains and scrawled across skyscrapers. This year, it was even splattered on Louis Vuitton handbags. When, exactly, did graffiti get so glamorous? […]

The new gold diggers

Photo by Marie France Coallier for The Montreal Gazette Women across Canada are digging for gold in their own jewel boxes. Hyped as Tupperware parties of the new millennium, these gold parties have become an increasingly popular phenomenon. Gold Party Canada, a Montreal-based company, boasts events scheduled throughout June, July and August, plus new sister […]

Valentines at the Ice Hotel

  *This article appeared in The National Post This winter hasn’t been exactly ideal for romancing in an igloo.   Temperatures in Quebec plunged, and the prospect of driving three hours northeast of Montreal for a getaway at the Ice Hotel was somewhat daunting.   The morning of our trip it was a cool minus […]

Flipside of Friperies (or second-hand shops)

In high school, I used to travel up St. Laurent Blvd., across Mount Royal Ave., then down St. Denis St. looking for the most nondescript, perfectly dishevelled frocks: tattered jean shorts, maybe a plaid buttondown to synch around my waist. In the 1990s, flashy logos looked like darkness visible, so the thrift-store look was about anti-consumer angst – not a dwindling economy. [A how-to Montreal Friperie guide runs at the bottom of the article!]

Body Tape

Hello Eva! *This article also appeared, in full or in part,  in the National Post, Montreal Gazette, Vancouver Sun, Calgary Herald, Edmonton Journal, and more.   Until a few months ago, I had never tried that illustrious “magic tape” — the kind rumoured to keep those gravity-defying Oscar gowns in place. I was en route […]